Almost Famous

qstcoverBack in 2008, at a Boulder Amateur Radio Club Field Day held at Betasso Preserve in the hills above the City of Boulder, we took some pictures of the event for our club’s posterity. After Field Day was over I wrote an excerpt for the ARRL Field Day ‘Soapbox’ and had submitted some of the pictures we had taken. Little did we know that one of them would be used for the Field Day 2009 cover of QST magazine and… even more surprising, was the fact that my ‘mug’ was in the center of the picture along with good friends Joan (KB9TYY/HB9TYY) and her OM, Ueli Hauser (KB9TTI/HB9TTI).

Then, back in January 2013, friend Joan Hauser, KB9TYY (above) who lives half a year in Switzerland with her husband, Ueli, KB9TTI wrote about me and a few other hams she knows in her ‘YL Corner’ of the Swiss ham radio magazine, HB Radio. Here is a link to that article: HB radio article

In September of 2013, the area surrounding Boulder County Colorado where we live was inundated with a Monsoon like rain that left 17 inches of rain during a four day period on our mountainous terrain to the west of the City of Boulder. This caused a flood of historic proportions to the area. Whole towns were cut off and people were isolated and a few people lost their lives due to flash flooding during the deluge. During that time our ARES group was called upon to try to establish communications to some of those isolated communities and to render assistance if possible via the various resources available from the Boulder County Office of Emergency Management. During this event, an NBC TV crew from Pasadena, CA showed up and I got my 15 seconds of fame on the NBC Nightly News. Here is a cut from that video…

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