Rare DX

What Constitutes “Rare DX”?

 A. Countries where no amateur radio stations are on the air normally.

Mozambique (C8-9), Cambodia (XU), Myanmar (XY/XZ),Yemen (7O), Vietnam (XV/3W), Laos (XW), Libya (5A), Sao Thome & Principe (S9), Afghanistan (YA), Nepal (9N), North Korea (P5), Eritrea (E3), Western Sahara (SØ) etc…

    1. Countries  where activity is usually only by an operator at a weather station.

Crozet I. (FT8W), Kerguelen I. (FT8X), Amsterdam & St. Paul I. (FT8Z), Johnston I. (KH3), Kure I. (KH7), Willis I. (VK9W), Macquarie I. (VKØ), Antarctica (KC4, CE9, LU-Z, R1A, 4K1, IAØ, etc.), South Georgia (VP8), South Orkney (VP8), Shetland I. (VP8), Auckland I. & Campbell I. (ZL9), Chatham I., (ZL7), Kermadec I. (ZL8), Prince Edward & Marion I., (ZS8), Rodriguez I. (3B9).

     C.  Countries only activated by Special DXpeditions.

San Felix I. (CEØX), Juan Fernandez I. (CEØZ), Guinea-Bissau (J5), St. Martin (FJ-FS), Clipperton I. (FO8), Glorioso I. (FR/G), Juan de Nova I. & Europa I. (FR/J E), Tromelin I. (FR/T), Malpelo I. (HKØ), Navassa I. (KP1), Desecheo I. (KP5), Kingman Reef (KH5K), Palmyra I. (KH5), Market Reef (OJØ), Aland I. (OHØ), St. Peter & Paul Rocks (PYØ), Conway Reef (3D2), Mt. Athos (SV/A), Sable I. (CYØ), St. Paul I. (CY9), Mellish Reef (VK9M), Heard I. (HKØ), South Sandwich I. (VP8), Andaman & Nicobar I. (VU7), Laccadive I. (VU7), Revilla Gigedo I. (XF4), Aves I. (YVØ), North Cook I. (ZK1), Spratley I. (1S), Equatorial Guinea (3C), Annobon I. (3CØ), Bouvet I. & Peter I I. (3Y), Banaba I. (T33), Pratas I. (BV9P), Scarborough Reef (BS7), Minami Torishima (JD1), Ogasawara I. (JD1) Agalega & St. Brandon I. (3B6, 7). 


2 Responses to Rare DX

  1. VE7DSC says:

    Thank you for this list. I worked Antarctica (Vostok base) during the CQ Worldwide DX Contest. :)) It was great fun.

    73 de VE7DSC

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